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December 6, 2021
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Africa’s Emerging Agricultural Landscape

#Africa’s cities currently provide the largest and most rapidly growing #agriculturalmarkets in Africa. Out of total urban food sales of roughly US$200 to US$250 billion per year, over 80% comes from domestic African suppliers. In the coming decades, demographic projections forecast rates of African urbanization as the highest in the world. Today — and even more so tomorrow — Africa’s rapidly growing cities and food markets offer the largest and fastest growing market opportunity available to the continent’s 60 million farms.” (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) – ‘Africa Agriculture Status Report 2020’)

Jason Shuster and Videa Mike talked with Samson Ogbole (Team Lead, Soilles Farm Lab).

Click here to watch the recording on YouTube.

#BizzTalk Africa invites leaders and innovators from emerging African markets to speak LIVE. Our talk show brings together project managers, service providers and investors who are already active in Africa or planning to step into the market. We want to delve into the opportunities, culture and peculiarities of this fascinating continent.

BizzTech is a leading organizer of virtual business events with a focus on Matchmaking and 3D Trade Shows.

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