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December 6, 2021
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BitGolf increases the level of Blockchain Games

Blockchain in games is here to stay. Even if you have no idea about blockchain, you have experienced it in popular games such Fifa in eSports or Resident Evil, justo to name some. Who does not know what MLB 19 or Call of Duty is? Blockchain is part of them, a platform that in terms of security, accuracy and protection, fits them really well.

One of the most attractive points is the fact that users can safely own their assets, as storing is not centralized in one single server. It doesn’t matter what happens, those assets will be always available thanks to the Blockchain technology, total ownership belongs to the user.

In an interview with Michael Chung, COO of VX Network, he explained that this is the main advantage in their most recent game, “BitGolf”: “BitGolf will offer a user market system based on smart contract. Users can trade their assets stored in Blockchain without any inconvenience”.

Of course, there is improvement to be expected, but this is the beginning of a new era on eSports. Michael hopes all gamers adapt to this, so titles and audience can evolve together.

In terms of accessibility, BitGolf can be enjoyed freely on PC and Mobile. This greatly improves the accessibility compared to most Blockchain game, that could be enjoyed on PC only. Market share of mobile casual game genre is expected to grow as well, gradually affecting the perception of the tech the same way it did for eSports.

Economics & Rationality are big factors as well. There are a lot of free games in the world, which can make it difficult to explain why the user has to pay to use Blockchain games.

That’s probably why BitGolf works on a Blockchain platform that was designed to serve Blockchain games. Because of this, users don’t need to get bored any longer due to transaction delays, and most importantly; they don’t have to pay for an extra network fee.

Quality is something that of course, gamers will look first in a game. BitGolf is a real-time competition between users with full 3D graphics. Its quality is high even when compared to existing commercial mobile games. “We expect that BitGolf will be able to increase the level of Blockchain games, so far it has been mostly card collecting games.”

The future is here. We can firmly say that Blockchain has many advantages and positive side effects, specially for server-dependent games, something that basically guarantees its success.

Meet Michael Chung at BizzTech’s upcoming event: BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTO IN GAMES

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