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October 28, 2021
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BizzTalk Africa – The Startup Show #1

#BizzTalk Africa – The Startup Show is an innovative format to feature promising African startups. Ask any entrepreneur what the most challenging thing about launching a startup is, and chances are they’ll tell you the same thing: Funding. We want to give these young entrepreneurs a voice and showcase their ventures to

  • Build strategic partnerships
  • Gain valuable media exposure
  • Receive expert feedback
  • Practice their pitch and become confident

How does it work

We, a team of 10 moderators, host several weekly talk shows under the label ‘BizzTalk’. BizzTalk Africa – The Startup Show is organized on StreamYard for around 30 minutes. We stream live on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. The recordings will be published on social media. On each show we showcase 5 startups. Each one gets exactly 2 minutes to pitch in front of the hosts and the audience. After the pitch the hosts follow-up through an open conversation with each participant for another 3 minutes.

Victoria VictorAsogwa Uche, Francis Uzor and Austin Imoru presented their startups

Jason ShusterVidea Mike and Victor Uche Obioma moderated the show.

Click here to watch the recording on YouTube.

BizzTech is a leading organizer of virtual business events with a focus on Matchmaking, Business Communities and 3D Trade Shows.

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