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International communities ready to revolutionize their industry


Every week we invite business leaders and innovators from different industries to analyze the new emerging trends, the impact of the technological changes we are experiencing, the lessons learned from the companies that have failed and those that have succeeded after this situation.

BizzTech carry out LIVE sessions on different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Zoom… where listeners play an important role, since they can interact with each other and especially with the participants.

We publish the recordings of all BizzTalk sessions on BizzTech’s YouTube channel, our website and on social networks (e.g. LinkedIn):

Goto News · BizzTech on YouTube · BizzTech on LinkedIn

Who ever said humor is unprofessional?

BizzTalk was born from the idea of ​​eliminating stereotypes and focusing on what really matters: continuing to grow as a company and continue adding value.

BizzTalk (in English · German · Spanish · Portuguese)


Leaders and innovators of the event industry talk LIVE about their companies, organizations and projects.

We host this weekly show in 4 different languages: English, German, Spanish and Portuguese

BizzTalk Africa

BizzTalk Africa (in English)


BizzTalk Africa invites leaders and innovators of emerging African markets to talk LIVE.

Our talk show brings together project managers, service providers and investors who are already active in Africa or plan to make a step into the market.

We want to take a deep look into the opportunities, culture and peculiarities of this fascinating continent.

BizzTalk Latin America (in Spanish)


BizzTalk Latin America invita a los líderes e innovadores de los mercados de Latam a hablar EN VIVO.

Nuestro programa de entrevistas reúne a directores de proyectos, proveedores de servicios e inversores que ya están activos en Latino América o planean dar un paso en el mercado.

Juntos queremos profundizar en las oportunidades, la cultura y las peculiaridades de este fascinante lugar del mundo.

BizzTalk Latam
BizzTalk Sustainable Entrepreneurship

BizzTalk Sustainable Entrepreneurship brings together entrepreneurs with a new spirit:

A Generation who finally take on responsibility and want to push ahead with an ecological restructuring

Sustainable Entrepreneurship deals with the protection of nature, the foundations of human life and communities – with the aim of making a positive contribution. Sustainable Entrepreneurship links entrepreneurship and the concept of sustainable development.

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