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January 22, 2021
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Blockchain and eSports: A world of possibilities

Video games might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Maybe betting games and online casinos, or perhaps titles like “Cryptokitties”, to name one.

“Cryptokitties” offers the user the possibility to own, breed and trade with Ether backed kitties. Total ownership of the kitties rests on the user, so the market for the felines is very real, given the current EHT value. The mechanics for buying, selling and breeding the things are quite simple, with the whole game revolving around the market and blockchain technology.

When compared to non Blockchain games, we find this and most titles lacking in storyline, design, gameplay or other elements that are traditionally considered as the building blocks of most video games.

We’re not talking about amazing, out of this world assets or a revolutionary engine. We’re talking about what makes a game like “Papers, Please” sell thousands of copies, even though it looks like something our dads would’ve played when they were 10.

In this sense, blockchain offers great possibilities both for players and developers when used as a part of the game architecture instead of the pillar around which its built.

Let’s say developer “Example” launches a Sci-Fi RPG where rewards and in-game purchases are tokenized with their own coin. Total ownership of the items and characters rests in the player, and they can trade with all of them as they please. So far, nothing new.

Let’s now say that “Example” launches a second title, a shooter, but with the same in-game tokens. You could potentially use characters and items from their previous game in this one, having your marine equipped with a nice laser beam that you snatched from a bounty hunter after a horrible space battle.

Thanks to Blockchain, records of use and ownership can be kept, providing a new layer to the story with which developers could play a very fun game. And marketers as well: streamers could auction items used for specific events, and new in-game sponsors could very easily pop up.

This is very good news for eSports, which would greatly benefit from the implementation of this technology as a feature. For example, Blockchain can be used to calculate drop rates for Boss items, and to dramatically alter the way these items evolve through interactions. Maybe if players beat a Boss with a weapon, that weapon acquires a legendary status.

This new layers of interaction need to be taken into consideration by game designers from the very beginning. Failure to plan for both the game’s and the game’s market economy could end with blockchain taking over the whole gaming experience, and a huge gap between players who’ve spent money and players who haven’t.

How will blockchain ultimately affect the gaming experience, and markets? It remains to be seen. What is clear is that this technology has arrived to stay and transform not only games, but our life in general.

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