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December 6, 2021
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Blockchain and survival: a talk with Edward Sturm from ‘World of Ether’

Set yourself in your favorite post apocalyptic scenario where machines have replaced humans in all sorts of jobs.

Armies of gray, lifeless people marching from one never-ending queue to the other searching for the smallest crumb of opportunity, only to find that the public servant at the employment office is also an A.I.

In this grim scenario, Blockchain games and cryptocurrency could very well be the ray of hope, the difference between total annihilation and survival of the race. At least that’s what Edward Sturm from ‘World of Ether’ would tell you in a casual talk, before moving on to the topics of good food and olive oil.

The way he sees it, video games are a great cure for melancholy, a way to find meaning in life. What if that meaning also allowed people to pay their rents? Monetization, blockchain and cryptocurrency can make all this possible. Talk about poetic justice.

‘World of Ether’ is the perfect example of this. Sufficient to say, under no circumstance are all blockchain games as beautifully built as this one. The music alone is a piece of art.

We asked Edward to define it for someone that has no idea of what blockchain is and he said: “It’s like Pokemon meets global gameplay and online auctions.” But more than just an exchange and breed platform for imaginary monsters, ‘World of Ether’ is a fully immersive experience.

You can tell that this guys love games from the very beginning. A lot of care has been put into creating each ‘Etherian’. Every single one of them has a lore and actual scarcity, powered by blockchain.

Establishing a realistic rarity system framed within a story gives actual meaning to trading, breeding and battling, while establishing a very profitable marketplace at a time when players are already willing to spend money in games.

Whenever someone discovers an Etherian, that person is permanently credited for it. Some legendaries have very substantial ransoms for being discovered, same thing for tournament and battle winners. The possibilities are huge, and the developers are planning accordingly.

All game mechanics have been developed not only to exploit blockchain as a part of the game’s architecture, but to allow it to grow and expand into uncharted territory, transforming it into the global reference for blockchain games. Or at least that’s what they’re working towards.

One of the challenges for such a new technology is that it requires some effort from new adopters, as concepts like wallet, gas, fuel and ETH fluctuations can be a bit daunting. WoE’s advantage is that all this happens in a friendly environment, where gameplay is what matters the most.

This makes of ‘World of Ether’ the perfect gateway through which new users can access the world of cryptocurrency. Like Edward says, “Play it now, or play it later” but chances are everyone will be involved with this sort of technology in a few years from now.

With a fully functioning game, a global player base and more than a few expansions on the sleeve, it would be wise to keep an eye on ‘World of Ether’. If Edward is right, all the fun you’re having now could also be paying your rent in the future. And did we mention that the music is great?

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