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December 6, 2021
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Building Africa on the Blockchain

How #AfricanCountries can take advantage of #blockchaintechnology? There are a lot of use cases:
Digital payment infrastructures, including central bank digital currencies,
Public spending and governance,
Peer-to-peer energy trading,
Digital claims to land ownership,
Digital claims to education credentials,
Tracing agricultural goods along supply chains and
Trade facilitation

Jason Shuster and Videa Mike talked with Pretty Kubyane and Shadrack Kubyane (Co-Founders, Coronet Blockchain).

Click here to watch the recording on YouTube.

#BizzTalk Africa invites leaders and innovators of #emergingAfricanmarkets to talk LIVE. Our talk show brings together project managers, service providers and investors who are already active in Africa or plan to make a step into the market. Together we want to take a deep look into the opportunities, culture and peculiarities of this fascinating continent.

BizzTech is a leading organizer of virtual business events with a focus on Matchmaking and 3D Trade Shows.

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