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The Business Metaverse Will Have a Significant Impact

A recent study by global consulting firm Protiviti and the University of Oxford reveals that over two-thirds of global business executives believe that #Web3 and the #Metaverse will have a significant economic impact in the next decade. 📈💼

The study, which surveyed business leaders worldwide, found that 79% see the Metaverse’s primary use in their businesses as a tool for marketing and advertising. 🎯🌌 Notably, almost half of the surveyed business leaders (45%) have already started using the Metaverse in various capacities, and 20% expect to start using it by next year. 📅💡

Interestingly, North American executives are leading the charge, with a whopping 82% already using the Metaverse for business, compared to just over a third in Europe and Asia-Pacific. 🌎🏁 However, MENA countries, particularly the UAE, are well-positioned to reap the benefits of a comprehensive Metaverse strategy. 🌍🎖️

The study also highlighted two emerging technology categories as the most anticipated game-changers in Metaverse technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented, Virtual, and Extended Reality. 🤖🕶️ These technologies have a wide range of applications, from customer services to medical training. 🏥👥

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