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Car Fashion in the Business Metaverse

🚀🌐 Another kind of fashion: Spanish automaker Cupra is revolutionizing car design with its latest concept car, the Dark Rebel. 🚗💡

In a groundbreaking initiative, Cupra set up a configurator in the Metaverse, inviting its community to co-design the Dark Rebel. Over 270,000 people, including brand ambassadors and fans, jumped in to shape this virtual concept car using the “Hyperconfigurator”. 🎮👥

Cupra’s CEO, Wayne Griffiths, describes the Dark Rebel as a “provocation” created without the constraints of the real world. This concept car, he says, shows that electric cars can be “sexy, emotional, and somewhat shocking.” ⚡️🔥

The community wasn’t just spectators; they were co-creators. They added personal touches to the car using an immersive configuration tool and shared their designs with the community. 🎨🔄

The Dark Rebel could be placed in three different Metaverse environments, with the majority choosing the Exponential Square, inspired by natural elements. 🌳🪨

The fact that 74% of users accessed the configurator via mobile is a clear sign that the Dark Rebel is a concept car for the younger generation. 📱🌟

Stay tuned to see when this community-designed car will make its real-world debut! 🌍👀

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