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September 29, 2020
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Dare to make a Difference: A talk with Nathan Blair from “Games for Love”

Although Nathan Blair’s beginnings were in the music industry, his true passion has always been video games. Ever since he started with Uforia in 2007 he’s been fulfilling it, and ever since then he’s been looking for a way to give something back to the community.

He played with the idea in his head for years until one day he watched a show that featured some sports personalities playing a charity match and talking about how much more of a difference they could do in the world by doing what they loved, nourishing their legacy for an even greater good than that of their days in athletics.

That was when his light bulb lit so hard that it blew up. He asked himself “Why doesn’t this exist in the gaming community now?”

His wife —away at the grocery store— came home that day to find him nesting in a bunch of papers and ideas, the result of a frenetic three hour marathon featuring his brain and his computer.

The best part of the story is that she didn’t even have to ask, she just knew that he was up to something new. When she learned what it was, she wanted to be a part of it. So “Games for Love” is actually born out of love and it’s surrounded by it.

They started in 2018 with one Mission: to ease the suffering of children in life-threatening conditions and contribute towards building a sustainable financial future for them. So far, they’ve partnered with “Seattle’s First Children Hospital” and with “Helping Hands”, in the Philippines, to provide life-saving funds for treatments, and post-hospitalization houses for children.

Their programs focus on the entire gaming ecosystem, so even from a young age sick children under risk of exclusion can play games, or learn coding and game development and use it as a tool, not only to help them overcome their illness and ease their pain, but also as a future career choice for them.

There’s a strong community built around gaming. From Discord to Twitch and everything in between, players are constantly interacting with each other. And the same thing can be applied to most developers. What if we could use this strong sense of community to help those in need?

That’s why everyone can help! Game developers and artists can become part of their ongoing projects. Streamers are welcome to do charity streams, as they’re really helpful to raise awareness of the different programs.

Gamers can donate coin, gear, games and code, and are encouraged to join the community to share experiences and ideas to grow.

Being a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization, keeping all costs down is vital to make sure that the most of everyone’s efforts are reaching the children, and that’s why BizzTech has chosen to support “Games for Love”!

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