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EsportsBizz Brazil

Start12: am
End11: pm
Global - online
  • Brazil is one of the fastest growing esports market in the world.

    But the future is uncertain due to coronavirus. Some consolidation might not come as a surprise. It is becoming increasingly important to match and meet the right partners.

    Therefore, we bring together all kinds of stakeholders to your doorstep to match, meet, talk about new trends and do business ONLINE - global reach, no travel.


FinTech after CV-19

Start12: am
End11: pm
Global - online
  • COVID-19 has a tremendous impact on our lives and changes the way we work, consume and interact.

    The uncertainty of the current situation puts fundraising, cash management, marketing and personnel management under pressure.

    Fintech companies have to overcome many hurdles to survive.

    After the crisis, the lasting effects on society create conditions that favor increased dynamism, growth and the triggering of a positive cycle for fintech companies.


Career Cafe

Start12: am
End11: pm
Global - online
  • A step towards to creating a virtual community of young change makers to connect, exchange and create.

    • Matchmaking
    • Panel discussions
    • Q&A
    • Marketplace