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December 6, 2021
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Game Industry Insights: a talk with Juan Tamargo, from the TEA Agency

It’s no secret that the video games market is a wheel that’s constantly spinning, making developers, publishers and customers equally dizzy in the process. Trends become a thing of the past faster than you can Google them, flexibility is a must nowadays.

This also applies to careers in games. Juan Tamargo, Co Founder of the Top Entertainment Agency, started his over 20 years ago in a totally different role. The game he was making needed selling, and being the jack of all trades and the multi-lingual guy in the dev team, he valiantly stepped into the sales and marketing roles.

Independent or small studios don’t usually have dedicated marketing or sales departments. Essential as they are, it’s also a commodity most can’t afford: After seeing his own story repeat with others, he decided to take matters into his own hands and created The TEA agency.

Headquartered in Madrid, they offer a link between investors, publishers and studios to bring out hidden gems back into the light where they belong, in an effort to help reduce the noise surrounding the game industry.

According to Juan, that noise is one of the biggest challenges for game developers in this day and age. Democratization of the market is a double edged sword. Bypassing the need for a publisher means that more games than ever get to see the light of day, but… it also means that being noticed has never been harder.

This creates an environment in which the figure of a publisher is even more necessary than it was before, not only because they have the money to invest in marketing, but also because they have the right tools to do so.

For Publishers, TEA agency co founder thinks that it’s a huge challenge to identify a good product, one that is executed and delivered properly, by the right team of people. In the currently overcrowded market, it can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

However, he also believes that the time has come for publishers to stop playing it safe. Selling altered versions of already existing games because they worked in the past will no longer be a sustainable strategy.

For Blockchain developers, the challenge is even greater because we’re talking about a technology that is not yet settled. We still need to see a referent come out, a game that will define the way the technology is perceived, pretty much like back in the day with F2P games.

Regardless of this, he thinks blockchain is here to stay and revolutionize not only games, but every aspect of our day to day life. Seeing the possibilities it offers, we have to agree!

Talking about endless possibilities, VR came up high in his Wishlist for 2019. According to him, the number of users should grow rapidly enough with the arrival of second generation devices and massive adoption of the technology should be around the corner.

A growth in the number of users would mean that the market would be profitable enough to justify bigger investments, finally releasing all demons in VR’s Pandora´s Box. And to this one can only say: “Fingers crossed!”

Meet Juan at BizzTech’s upcoming online business matchmaking even BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTO IN GAMES |March 12/13

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