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January 22, 2021
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Industry Insights: Talking about the Future with Sanem Avcil

You probably don’t remember, but there was a time when not everyone had a computer at home. Coding was next to alchemy in the library of mysticism because talking to computers was the equivalent to Parsel or Klingon.

Sanem Avcil must have been born a visionary because it was in this internet-less time that she went to visit a family friend, Ildeniz Kayacan, who had managed to make a little program that would display fireworks when a certain key was hit.

She was just a kid back then, but her mind was blown. Mr. Kayacan was kind enough to give her the book he had used, and told her she would be able to do the same if she only followed the instructions.

He probably didn’t know, but he was giving Sanem the key that would open infinite doors in her future: She jumped head first into the book and managed to make the fireworks.

Fast forward a few years down the line and she is now an ICO / STO advisor who has helped raised about $41.9. Now, that’s what I call fireworks.

A well known influencer in the VR/AR, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain worlds, Sanem’s expertise is so wide that is difficult to find just one thing to stick to when talking to her. A firm AR believer, she’s a convincing ambassador of the technology’s possibilities. “I like VR… but I like AR more.”

The first thing that comes to my mind is that App that allowed you to preview furniture in your own living room before buying it, but she opens my eyes: “AR can be really useful for people with Asperger” by helping them master social abilities through gamification of simple interactions like making eye contact, or interpreting others’ emotions.

In a more mundane note, it can also be used to see how a Ferrari would look parked outside your house. This might not be that trascendental, but its through this experiments and wider implementation that the overall user experience of AR will improve. And it makes children smile.

The same thing happens when we talk about blockchain and Crypto. For her visionary mind, this are not just trends but long awaited solutions to daily problems, everywhere.

I think of Uganda, Zimbabwe and other African countries where a blockchain/crypto system is being used to allow people to safely transfer money at fair rates, within a reasonable window of time. It’s not just video games that will benefit from blockchain.

Talking about video games she mentions eSports, which she considers is one of the best markets for blockchain to thrive. Because tokenization can be good for everyone involved, she believes that’s the direction where the future is headed.

She is actually surprised when I say I don’t own or use any digital coin. “It’s the future” she says. “In some countries like Malta, Switzerland, and Dubai, general adoption will happen sooner than you think”.

She says this with the confidence that only experience can provide, and I believe her. After all, she’s truly a visionary.

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