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May 8, 2021
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Interview with Giant Fox Studios, the 3rd winner of BizzTech´s Online Indie Pitch

Imagine having to move from New York to another city, 1.800 miles away. It’s a long distance, a three day ride, and that’s without even taking all the stress of moving into consideration. Now, imagine that at the same time, you have to attend to five different business meetings.

This nightmarish scenario is now reduced to only having to hunt for wifi at hotel lobbies: thanks to BizzTech’s innovative concept of online meetings, it is now possible for people like Jaime Fraina — founder of Giant Fox Studios— to move to another city at the same time he lands Third Place for his title, “Manip-it”, in the Online Indie Pitch.

Giant Fox Studios was founded by Jaime in 2011 and started making flash games for bored.com -they made over 200 titles over a two year period of time-, then moved on to the mobile market, and is now working on titles for Steam. Their most Recent “Robobunnies In Space” is launching this week on Early Access.

But it is not “Robobunnies” that is responsible for that Third Place in our Pitch, which will allow them to use the Athena Technology developed by Blue Sock Studios. It’s a game called “Manip-it”, planned to release on Steam first, followed by Mobile, with no release date available at the moment.

“Manip-It” is a puzzle game where you play as a character who controls a beautiful world and is able to transform all things within it. However, there is also this being who wants to manipulate the main character and eat the world, a veiled call to the Opioid Crisis and its destructive trail.

It doesn’t surprise us: this studio likes to make things cute and nice, and then twist them and turn them into something dark. You can check out “Toadled” if you have any doubts.

“Manip-it” has had many iterations: it started as a 2D game and it’s now 3D, which they feel really works better. The whole thing is being developed in Unity, and they don’t discard implementing VR in the future.

Like many other indie studios, Giant Fox knows that a title like this needs a publisher in order to acieve its full potential: Marketing is as difficult as it is necessary for a game to succeed, and here is where BizzTech comes in, making the process of finding a publisher easier than ever.

Because all meetings are conducted online, it is possible to fit them in any schedule with very little expenses. Giant Fox attended five different meetings as well as the Online Indie Pitch, and based on the results we dare to say it was a huge success!

For Giant Fox Studios, “Manip-It” and Jaime it was mostly a matter of timing and convenience: he got the information forwarded by one of his contacts at the perfect time, and he was able to participate regardless of the fact that he was moving to another city at the same time!

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