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May 8, 2021
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Key Insights into South Korea’s Gaming Market

It is a well-known fact that the gaming industry is thriving in Asia. China, Japan and Taiwan have made their mark among the top gaming markets in the world. However, this article intends to emphasize on key facts related to South Korea’s gaming market. Read further for in-depth insights.

Ranking 4th Worldwide in Terms of Mobile Gaming

Ranking 4th worldwide in terms of gaming revenues, the South Korea gaming market is undeniably stronger than 192 of 195 countries across the globe, barring China, Japan and The United States of America.

South Korea’s 56% Gamer Penetration Beats China by a Considerable Margin

While China remains the largest marketplace for gaming in the world, South Korea’s gamer penetration beats China by a considerable margin. It must be noted that China’s population is far greater than that of South Korea. However, South Korea boasts of a gamer penetration of 56% of the general population, while China’s gamer penetration reached an all-time high of 44% in 2018.

South Korea’s Young and Male Gamers

Market statistics make it quite clear that gamers in South Korea are predominantly young and male. Statistics sourced from the Nasmedia 2018 Netizen Profile Research Summary Report provide key insights into gamer demographics in South Korea. The infographic below is indicative of statistical information gathered on this subject from the Nasmedia 2018 Netizen Profile Research Summary Reports.

Male Female 14 – 19   20 – 29 30-39 40-49 50- 59 Total
73.6% 59.9% 80.8% 72.3% 70.1% 61.9% 52.1% 67.0

*Please note that these stats are based off research conducted among a concentrated group comprised of both genders and varying age demographics to indicate gamer penetration and gamer profiles in South Korea.

In conclusion, it must be noted that the gaming market in South Korea is one to reckon with; the information above, gathered from reliable sources such as eMarketer, NewZoo, App Annie and AppsFlyer among others, is sufficiently indicative of the point being made.

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