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August 24, 2019
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Meet Jane Whittaker and win a lifetime ATHENA license

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we announce a very special event! – Meet Jane Whittaker – developer of ATHENA

(sub-event of BizzTech’s upcoming online business matchmaking events).

As most of you will know Jane is a 5 time programmer of the year award winner, author of such titles such as Alien Vs Predator and key collaborator on such titles as The Sims, GoldeneyeN64 and over 20 chart games, in an astonishing 37 years of unbroken service in the games industry. Jane is also the only separated Siamese twin in the games industry! You can learn more about Jane at the link below. In a one-off very special event with BizzTech, Jane will be taking us on a journey through his life, projects and current ATHENA toolset!

Read the history of Jane
In addition to chatting with Jane about his life and achievements, he will also be exclusively releasing further details of the revolutionary new ATHENA toolset to be released later this year. ATHENA provides a whole new approach to 3D rendering and AI, massively improving frame rates and also slashing development time whether you are an indie studio or a AAA standard corporate! ATHENA delivers up to 10 times more detail on screen than traditional rendering, at a fraction of the development time.

Utilising the ground-breaking Athena and Emmet technologies it is changing the world in both fields of 3D and AI, bringing possibilities to the table never before seen in industry.
The demonstration below from Jane’s new Power Crystal RPG, was created in 4 days start to finish with ATHENA, including all assets and sound! Jane and the Blue Sock Studios team are currently in negotiations with publishers around the world for a series of gaming titles developed using ATHENA in addition to working with companies such as LEGO and IBM on ATHENA based products.

See what was created in only 4 days by using ATHENA
With the Q3 public release of ATHENA coming ever closer we invite you to participate in a special Athena-promo-code at the upcoming sub-events: Meet Jane Whittaker, developer of Athena. Each attendee receives an amazing entry-level offer for Athena (with a 50% licensing reduction) after registering. In addition, 4 participants with the most confirmed meetings at BizzTech’s online business matchmaking events win “Athena for life”, completely for free!
More information and register at Eventbrite
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