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September 29, 2020
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Mobile Games: The Future of Gaming?

The global gaming population is currently over 2.5 billion, and there are no indicators to make us think this number will stop growing anytime soon. Video games are a profitable market, that much we know for sure.

But, what type of video games? For what platform? Consoles, portable devices, PC, VR, Mobile… the options are abundant, and porting a game from one to the other is not as simple as snapping one’s fingers.

For those in doubt about which platform would have a wider reach, you should keep an eye on the mobile market. Taking over the global gaming scene, the market value of mobile content worldwide was $59.8 billions in 2017, and is expected to reach $74 billion during 2019.

Simply put, the global revenue share for mobile games is now over 50%, which means that more than half of all globally reported revenues for the industry are coming from titles developed for mobile devices.

On this regard, during 2018s GDC, 38% of attending developers were working on a title for mobile, following the footsteps of top selling titles like the legendary “Candy Crush” and other award winning titles like “Angry Birds” or “Clash of Clans”.

Monetization is a big part of what makes mobile so profitable: Free to Play models have opened new revenue models based on advertising, in-game purchases or a combination of both. This creates an environment where games can be free, and still profitable.

As of 2017, 58% of all games available in Google Play were using advertising as a monetization model, which makes sense considering that more than half the mobile gamers around the world have stated that they don’t mind watching an ad, as long as it lead to some sort of in-game reward.

Of course, there are other monetization models such as monthly or yearly subscriptions, and things like sponsored locations work wonders for games where GPS is a central feature, such as the case of “Pokémon Go”.

This vein of opportunity is not a secret to anyone anymore, and the mobile market is becoming even more crowded than its fellow platforms: more than 73% of game developers see competition as the biggest challenge, followed by rising user acquisition and marketing costs.

And that’s on the developer’s side. Publishers are facing similar challenges when it comes to finding titles, and marketing has become such a wide thing that it can be difficult to handle for anyone without the right tools.

Game conventions are a great way to start, but they often come with very high associated costs, and once there it can be very noisy, making it even harder to find the right business partners: That’s where BizzTech’s online matchmaking events can make the difference!

Thanks to our groundbreaking platform, you can build a community around your project and find the ideal partners to help you travel the path to success with your Mobile enterprise!

Our upcoming event will be focused on MOBILE GAMES. PC GAMES. VR AR. CONNECTION | May 15/16, so don’t miss the opportunity to meet the top dealmakers in the industry, with no traveling expenses and no time wasted.

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