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May 8, 2021
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PC Gaming in 2019: Epic Wars

We all know about the spectacular growth of the mobile market, and chances are it will continue to grow in the same way for the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean that other platforms are doomed to fail and disappear in the sands of time.

Video games no longer inhabit underground dungeons for nerds and outcasts, they’re now a resident of the mainstream, a zip code with problems of its own, integrated into a global market ecosystem.

The landscape for PC games in particular has become quite interesting, specially since December 2018 with the launching of the Epic Games Store, a direct competitor for Valve’s 10 year monopoly with Steam.

Riding Fortnite’s success, Epic has launched quite the aggressive strategy to steal a portion of the digital distribution cake from Steam: better splits with developers and a less crowded environment could be a very attractive claim, specially for indie studios.

However, gamers don’t seem to be very excited with the launcher, mainly due to the absence of a lot of basic features already present on Steam like user reviews, forums and mod distribution. Insult turns to injury for Linux users, that have no place at all in the launcher, at least for now.

Epic has tried to balance this with their exclusivity deals, already in place for titles like “Satisfactory”, “Rebel Galaxy Outlaw” and “Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek” with mixed results in the gaming community.

Regardless of what happens in the end, competition for Valve can only be positive, as other stores are taking note and implementing improvements praised by the community —like better splits— in their strategies. Steam only needs to do the same to win a huge battle.

Also, Fortnite’s reign will not last forever. Actually, EA’s Apex Legends is on the rise and has very good chances to become the next hot thing, leaving the Epic Store with a bunch of expiring exclusivity deals and a launcher that’s not as good as Valve’s. We’ll have to see how the match unfolds.

Free to play with in-game purchases seems to be the engine powering most of this changes, but this is not a surprise as they had $17 billion in revenue for PC during 2018, against the $7.2 billion for premium games, and $4.2 billion for P2P.

So, what’s the future looking like for PC gaming? According to a report issued in 2018 by DFC Intelligence, PC games global markets will continue to grow steadily for the next few years, reaching $37 billion in 2022.

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