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October 28, 2021
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Private Equity for Sustainable Agroforestry

, a subsidiary of Edmond de Rothschild, is an impact investment team specialized on the financing of the agro-ecology transition. It currently manages the Moringa Fund, a €84m #privateequity vehicle dedicated to agroforestry companies in Africa and Latin America, and the Agroforestry Technical Assistance Facility (ATAF). The Moringa Fund is invested in 10 portfolio companies.

The fund makes equity investments of EUR4-10m into projects and adds value via its technical skills, environmental and social know how and global network. The fund leverages the inherent #sustainability of agroforestry to distinguish itself from other land-based investment approaches and to build genuine sustainability into its projects.

Agroforestry will become a central element in the global response to the growing demand for sustainable agricultural and timber products, global warming, biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation. It combines trees and crops or livestock under conditions which help to generate synergies, and, therefore better land management, higher productivity, higher and more sustainable income for local populations, reduced risks and positive environmental impacts.

Moringa’s vision is to create economic benefits for investors and local communities while contributing to building environmental and social resilience of land-use.

Jason Shuster talked with Clément Chenost (CEO, The Moringa Partnership/Fund).

At #BizzTalk Sustainable Entrepreneurship, we invite innovators and leaders of this emerging mindset. Sustainable entrepreneurship is on the rise. It promotes ecologically responsible and socially humanized development.

Click here to watch the recording on YouTube.

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