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August 24, 2019
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The Advantages of BizzTech’s Indie Pitch

BizzTech’s Online Indie Pitch is a unique and effective service for recognizing and fostering game development talent from anywhere in the world. This is not an over hyped competitive TV show; it discovers the best new game projects and brings together game developers, publishers and investors to do business. Bizz Tech’s Online Indie Pitch benefits the gaming industry in multiple ways.

  • Ranking with quality feedback
  • Access to information pertaining to publisher and investor requirements from game developers
  • The opportunity to request and schedule meetings with investors and publishers to bring your best game to the table
  • Global reach no need to travel

Product Sourcing and Talent Scouting Opportunities for Investors and Publishers

Investors and publishers in the gaming industry have an insatiable need for the next best game. BizzTech’s Online Indie Pitch enables the global access to the best indie developers and latest talent.

  • The opportunity to find just what you are looking for in the rather expansive game development arena.
  • Prescheduled video calls with indie developers that allows you in-depth insights into their newest game projects.
  • The opportunity to hone in on the game that could be the next best thing in the gaming market.
  • The chance to mentor and facilitates game development talent.
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