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The Future of Factories in the Metaverse for Business

🔍 Exploring the #IndustrialMetaverse 🏭

Bernard Marr‘s latest article on Forbes dives deep into the future of factories in the Metaverse. Here’s a bite-sized take for you:

Synthetic Data Boosts Real-World Actions 🌐: Boeing is harnessing the Metaverse to design its next airplane. Using digital twins (virtual replicas of real objects), they’re simulating complex operations, with synthetic data offering unparalleled insights. 🛫

Power of Digital Twins 🖥️: Siemens used a digital twin to simulate its entire factory in Nanjing, China. The result? A whopping 200% increase in capacity and 20% productivity boost! From factories to individual products, digital twins are revolutionizing planning and performance. 🏢

VR: The Future of Product Design 🕶️: Imagine designing products in an immersive VR space! Combined with digital twins, designers can see real-time changes, making the process more collaborative and efficient.🎨

Dive deeper into the metaverse’s impact on manufacturing in Marr’s full article on Forbes: https://lnkd.in/dNig6u_B