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January 22, 2021
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The paladin of Blockchain games

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. It’s about making the best you can with what you’re given, often referring to a bad situation.

24 year old Behfar Iranmanesh must be familiar with this saying, as he appears to be quite the expert at emerging triumphant of less than ideal circumstances, like arriving to a foreign country as a teenager without speaking a word of the language, or recovering from a career-ending injure on the knee.

Having to stop doing what he loved, Parkour, he decided to learn how to program and started his current project doing something he also loved, a game: Forest Knight aims to be the first actual Blockchain game ever.

You would say: “But, my friend, there are other Blockchain and crypto-based games out there!” And you would be… kinda right. The current problem for games with integrated Blockchain is that they’re more focused on displaying the advantages of cryptocurrency than on the gameplay itself.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the problem that Forest Knight has come to solve. Just one look at the game and you can get an idea of how different it is from the currently available Blockchain games.

Yes, players will have total ownership of the asset, and yes, there is crypto involved —Enjin, to be precise—. But that’s where similarities end, because Forest Knight has been designed as a fun game with Blockchain capabilities, breaking the cycle we’ve seen so far.

The idea is that users will start playing it because it’s fun. Game market and Blockchain characteristics are there to enhance player’s experience, but they are not the center around which the whole game mechanics revolve.

Total ownership of all game assets earned or purchased by the player is backed by the Enjin Coin, making it even more attractive as all items can be melted down at any time to retrieve their assigned ENJ value.

In real-life words, this mean that if a user ever wanted to stop playing, they would be able to trade their assets to improve profit, melt them down and still have ENJ available to spend somewhere else. Oh, the beauty of Blockchain!

Of course, because Forest Knight is built as a fun game first, chances of users wanting to stop are quite low. It will start as a single-player adventure game, but Behfar expects to generate enough revenue to build an in-game arena where players can face each other and earn blockchain-based rewards.

Coming soon for Mobile devices, its creator is currently looking for outsourcing opportunities and experienced developers to help him reach his goal of final launch in 2019. We’re sure our next event will open many doors not only for Behfar, but for everyone involved in Blockchain.

And no wonder, blockchain has arrived and is certainly here to stay, so don’t miss BizzTech’s upcoming online business event, BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTO IN GAMES on March 12 and 13, where you’ll be able to meet the perfect fit without having to leave your confort zone!

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