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September 29, 2020
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Vivy Zhao from ChangYou: “Work hard, play harder”.

It’s no secret that the Chinese market is big. Everyone talks about investing in China and new ventures can be as profitable as risky. But, how big is it, really?

When it comes to the gaming industry, China has almost 620 million players that spent about $37.9 billions in games in 2018. Out of those $37.9 billions, $23 billions came from the mobile market that singlehandedly accounts for about 25% of mobile gaming revenue… globally.

Some estimate that by 2022 the Chinese market’s yearly revenue will reach over $42 billions for 2022. That’s three years from now, people.

So, that’s how big the Chinese market is. With those numbers, China is like honey to the busy bees of game making… but there are some nasty ones guarding the hive.

Hardcore gamer Vivy Zhao, knows that very well. She’s the Business Developer for 17173 media group, 100% owned by ChangYou group. ChangYou is one of the top 10 publishers of the country and is also part of the Sohu group, one of the largest entertainment empires in China. They’re both traded on Nasdaq.

17173 is a legendary gaming news website with over 2 million unique visitors per day. Together with ChangYou, they have a very close relationship with Huya and Douyu TV, as well as Panda TV, the most popular local streaming platforms.

Saying that Vivy is doing her dream job might be an understatement. You can hear her voice light up when she talks about what it’s like to create links between the East and the West using video games. Her motto “work hard, play harder” leaves no room for error.

And her job is essential to keep the scene fresh. She believes that Chinese players are growing and are now more mature. They’re looking for better games and are also very curious about other cultures, so there is really a lot of opportunity there.

However, competition in the local market is as wild as it gets. Government regulations, an entirely different language and cultural adaptation can be quite the challenge when launching in China. That’s why she would recommend anyone planning to enter the market to have a solid Chinese partner that’s capable of navigating those waters nice and smooth.

Such partners can be difficult to find in a familiar environment. Add language barriers and time zones, and it can be an impossible task. This is where BizzTech’s online matchmaking events can really make a difference and allow you to start a conversation with potential Chinese partners, regardless of where you are, with minimal investment.

For our May events INDIE EMPOWERED LATIN AMERICA | May 7/8 and MOBILE GAMES. PC GAMES. VRAR. CONNECTION | May 15/16 we  have the pleasure of counting with Vivy as one of the judges for the sub events ONLINE INDIE PITCH, where the top of the crop of Indies will pitch their games.

Meet Vivy Zhao and the best industry professionals without having to leave your office!

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